About Us

Staff–James E. Cox:
Jim is the owner and sole proprietor of JECNDT.   This company was formed in April of 2007, after he left Zetec. 

The Zetec Years:
Jim was hired by Clyde Denton and Al Lucero of Zetec, Inc. in July of 1988 to take over the Training Group.  During his 19 year tenure at Zetec Jim eventually became the Training Manager and Principle Level III.  He created and delivered a full range of ECT and RFT courses.  This included Level I, Level II, and Level III classes, as well as special seminars.  Since ECT can be used on virtually all types of metals Jim developed expertise in dealing with a full range of aerospace, manufacturing, nuclear, petrochemical, and utility issues.  Many customers came to know him as the “go to” guy that could answer their application questions and get their problems resolved in the shortest possible time.  In addition to the training role, Jim also took care of staff qualification and certification as the Principle Level III. 

The EPRI Years:
Immediately prior to joining Zetec, Jim was a research specialist at the EPRI (Electrical Power Research Institute) NDE Center in Charlotte, NC.   He held this position from 1981 (when the Center first opened) until 1988 when he left to work for Zetec.  His prime responsibilities for EPRI included R&D into new eddy-current products and technology to allow them to be implemented into the nuclear inspection market.  In addition, he developed classroom training and testing material for eddy current inspectors.  It was this work that brought him to the attention of Zetec and led to his taking a position with them as the Training Supervisor; later becoming the Training Manager.  

The Formative Years:
Prior to working at EPRI, Jim was employed at Battelle Memorial Institute in Columbus, Ohio, for five years.  This was his first position in the industrial sector after an honorable discharge from the U.S. Air Force.  For both Battelle and the USAF he was called upon to provide a wide range of NDE services.  These included R&D in various NDE methodologies, including: radiography (RT), magnetic particle inspection (MT), ultrasonic inspection (UT), penetrant inspection (PT), and eddy current (ECT) testing.  It was while at Battelle that Jim first began to specialize in the eddy current field.  This unique situation allowed him to be involved in developing and evaluating new multifrequency ECT inspection systems, as well as prototypical probes and techniques.